A Girlchoir audition takes about 10 minutes and the singer needs no preparation other than to sing a short favorite song or section of a song, 60-90 seconds. 

Singers are evaluated based on potential. We listen for the ability to match pitch and to sing with a clear and natural tone. This interaction is also a good time to meet our coconductors!

Ensembles meet once a week. Rehearsals and concerts are near Lincoln High School in downtown Portland. Starting in the fall we anticipate in-person rehearsals with CoVID protocols in place. Choir membership includes weekly high quality music instruction, choir retreats and performance  opportunities from September to May. Three tickets to each concert the singer participates are also included. See our season calendar for a taste of our concert schedule.

We intend to go on tour in Summer of 2022! Ask us for details.

Request a virtual placement audition now for 

Portland Symphonic Girlchoir Season 33 starting in September 2021.

A registration fee of $150 is payable upon acceptance into choir.

Further information about costs and uniform will be also be sent upon request.

How can we possibly thank you for giving our daughter a lifetime of inspiration? How can we thank you for nearly 20 years of music, and community, and so much joy?

We still remember... almost 20 years ago... talking to our older daughter about how singing in a choir might be something she'd enjoy, and her friend then suggested PSG. And so it started... holidays and spring galas and the dazzling opera "The Nightingale!"  

And then our youngest daughter came into our lives, and started watching her (much adored) big sister from the audience, until she could join in the singing herself (in her party dresses!). PSG has literally been part of the fabric of her life from the time she was a toddler. 

And so have both of you. Wise, funny, dedicated to music and to the community of friends it can foster for girls at every age bringing new music to life, with your commissions and work with composers. She looks up to both of you so much...Thank you for giving those memories to our daughter and all the girls who pass through PSG... a foundation for life... a well they can drink from any time they are sad, or lonely, or going through difficult times, and also the soundtrack to moments of joy and celebration, a way to remember the best of times. 

Because music is indeed... the most beautiful of all... and that is the gift you have given our daughters, and so many others. 

With love and so much admiration, 

2018 Senior Parents