Girlchoir's Story

In 1989, thirty-nine singers attended the first rehearsal of the Girlchoir.

Now in our 34th season, PSG singers experience the challenge of mastering complex and exciting music; make lifelong friends in a unique musical community; work with world-class choirs, composers, and conductors; and perform beautifully. Singers in four ensembles   (Debut, Intermezzo, Premier and Encore), ranging in age from 5 to 18, travel from the greater Portland metro area and SW Washington to participate in Girlchoir's comprehensive choral music program. Widely acclaimed by composers, conductors, and music educators for its musicality, adventurous programming, and dynamic performances, the Portland Symphonic Girlchoir offers a performance-based choral music education for girls who love to sing.

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Under the direction of Founding Artistic and Executive Director Roberta Q. Jackson and Co-Conductor & Vocal Coach Debra D. Burgess, each Girlchoir ensemble enjoys the benefit of a unique collaborative approach using the artistry and skillful teaching of both conductors and the outstanding talents of pianists Rodney Menn and Tim Ribner, Girlchoir provides a rewarding experience valuing the tradition of live performance, featuring the compelling sound of young women’s voices. With this dedicated group of young artists, we are creating an important community for the future while giving girls and young women their distinct voice today.

"Above all, Girlchoir is music, and not just the notes on the page; Girlchoir is the music born from each life made a little brighter, each friendship made that much stronger, and every girl here falling in love with singing over and over again, an infinity…born from perfect harmonies."

2015 PSG Senior